What You Should Know About Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Keyblades

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Kingdom Hearts Unchained X, which also known as Kingdom Hearts Union X is a Kindom Hearts video game. This game is available on iOS and Android mobile device platforms. It highlights the story and gameplay factors from the Japan-unshared website browser game Kingdom Hearts X. Plus, it is a free-to-play game. However, it includes in-app purchases. It is the first Kingdom Hearts video game to be published on mobile devices platforms. Being the main weapon in the game, Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Keyblades attract the attention of many players.

Kingdon Hearts Unchained X is at last valid in the U.S. no longer after its Japanese version was published in autumn 2015. Getting to begin is quite easy. In addition, you are able to pamper the gameplay your demanded hardship. You will fast open four Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Keyblades that have particular strength enhancements well before you achieve level 100.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X was first informed on the middle of 2015. At the time of Square Enix’s E3 Conference on the following month, a teaser for the game was announced showcasing the gameplay. This game was made public in Japan three months later. Besides, in North America, it was officially launched in April of 2016.

One year later, the game was branded once again with the content of it updated, highlighting multiplayer mode and a theatre mode in the expectation of many players. Firstly, the basic things about the game are Power, Speed, and Magic. Then, let’s have look at the materials you should prepare to gain Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Keyblades.

The only materials that you will find it hard to catch sights of are Oricharculm, Mythril Shard as well as the Mythril Stone. You will need plenty of materials to gain level for you Keyblades; hopefully, the good news is it does not take you a long time to do the farming in this game. One important thing to remember is that do not ever sell any of your materials. You will need Munny to enhance your medals, but you do not need to sell valuable materials to collect it. Generally, materials needed for Keyblades are able to be collected at the place you open the weapon. For instance, you will need to finish Wonderland quests for Lady Luck materials.

Starlight Keyblade

If you have been playing in this game for a while, you will learn that Starlight is the mightiest Keyblade. It brings improvements to the Magic, Power and Speed medals with high power. It is a well-fair weapon. It is also quite simple to level up in comparing with the other ones in the game.

Lady Luck

Apart from Starlight, Lady Luck is a private favorite. This speed-based weapon will surely be one of the Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Keyblades you ought to enhance the most since there are many magic-based rivals in the game. The Speed bonuses are amazing and it is the next generation mighty weapon early on. You achieve the Lady Luck Keyblade after finishing the first story Wonderland.

Treasure Trove

This one is a power-based weapon. Players will need this blade to knock down speed-based rivals. You will get the weapon right after you finish the first story Snow White with the 7 dwarfs. It is the 2nd Keyblade you collect.

Every Keyblade begins with 3 Medal Slots which offer to put various kinds of Medals on them to let them become mightier and work with various kinds of combats and abilities, after enhancing a Keyblade to a defined level, new Medal Slots will open on the Keyblade, up to 5 valid slots.

When enhancing a Keyblade, Medal Slots will highlight Attribute Boosts. These bring damage grows to particular types of Medals. Every Keyblade at the same tame has a covered adjuster to the power of the Friend Medal set up to it. In the game, you are able to achieve materials to enhance Keyblades. Plus, you can also change their outlook and boost the number of Medal Slots.

Three Wishes

Three Wishes is a magical-based Keyblade. Players will need to have this weapon to demolish power-based rivals. You gain this weapon after you finish the first Agrabah story. It is considered the second most-worked-with weapon since there are many power-based components.