Guide detail how to make Gruel, Hardened Brick, Thick Leather, and consolecommands in Conan Exiles

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First of all, let’s tell a bit about the game! Conan Exiles is an excellent survival game that was created by Funcom and available to play on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Conan Exiles is a new and awesome survival video game that has just released officially in May 2018. With addictive survival gameplay and beautiful visuals, right after the release date, this game attracted the attention of so many players. Moreover, being invested carefully in both storyline, gameplay, mechanics, and graphics, Conan Exiles received lots of positive reviews and comments from critics and players.

Taking place in the world of Conan the Barbarian in the fictional prehistoric Hyborian Age, this game allows players to participate in a survival journey. In which, players control a playable character – an exile that is rescued by Conan. In this game, players will have to navigate a harsh desert landscape and try to survival as long as possible by finding food and crafting useful items.

how to make Gruel, Hardened Brick, Thick Leather, and consolecommands in Conan Exiles

In this article, we will show you all the issues related to how to make Conan Exiles gruel, hardened brick, thick leather and finally is the Conan Exiles console commands that most players are interested in. Now, let’s follow us to learn more.

1. Conan Exiles Gruel

One of the most common topics about Conan Exiles of players is Conan Exiles Gruel. This is easy to understand because this is a survival game and the food like gruel is always necessary. In fact, Conan Exiles gruel is a low grade of food that is made from plant seeds. However, these seeds have been ground into a paste and mixed with water. This gruel is expiration within 24 hours and has a weight of 0.10. With hunger sated is only 1, of course, this thin and watery gruel is probably not enough to sustain an adventurer, however, with the slaves, it’s really precious.

Conan Exiles Gruel

  • Recipes to create Conan Exiles gruel

In order to create Conan Exiles gruel, you need to have 5 Plant Fibers and 1 seed. With these ingredients and craft time of 5 seconds, you will create 10 gruels and gain 1 experience.

  • Recipes use Conan Exiles gruel

As you know, Conan Exiles gruel is a low grade food with hunger sated is only 1. For this reason, you can use it in other recipes to create something better. In this game, there are two recipes that you can use this gruel including Enhanced Gruel and Flavored Gruel.

Enhanced gruel is also a low grade of food but higher than gruel. Its hunger sated and Thirst quenched is 10 (decuple the normal gruel) and expiration within 36 hours. In order to create an enhanced gruel, you need to have one gruel, one egg, and one spice. Cook them on the fire and it takes about 5 seconds to create this food. After creating this gruel, you will gain 3 experiences from this.

Flavored Gruel is also another type of low stage food. It has low hunger sated (only 3) but average thirst quenched (up to 25). To create a Flavored Gruel, you need one Conan Exiles gruel, one dried berries, and 2 spices. It also takes about 5 seconds to cook this gruel on fire, but when making this food, you only gain 2 experiences.

2. Conan Exiles hardened brick

Conan Exiles hardened brick

In the world of Conan Exiles, there are various dangerous elements and creatures. In order to survival, players must create the defense structure against them. However, loose-fitting stones are poor defense and you will need the hardened brick to create sturdy walls and strong defenses. For this reason, Conan Exiles hardened brick and how to create it is also a topic that attract the attention of so many players.

In fact, Conan Exiles hardened brick is the brick that cut from sections of sandstone. It can provide more strength to structures and can be buttressed with iron and steel. These hardened bricks are shaped to fit and have been treated with a consolidant and steel reinforcement. This makes the structure that was constructed by these bricks become impregnable.

  • How to create Conan Exiles hardened brick?

As mention above, the Conan Exiles hardened brick is a special brick that cut from sections of sandstone. So, to create it, you need to prepare a brick and a Stone Consolidant. Your task is to fire them on the furnace for 15 seconds. When you have created these bricks, you can use them on the construction of Abyss of Yog, Large Water Well, Stone Throne, Vault, Drawbridge, and Exalted Altar of Ymir. In addition, Conan Exiles hardened brick also can use to build many other structures like Aquilonian Awning, Aquilonian Awning Corner, etc. In general, the hardened brick is so necessary in Conan Exiles game, so let’s try to create it as many as possible.

3. Conan Exiles thick leather

Conan Exiles thick leather

In addition to gruel and hardened brick, thick leather is also an important item in Conan Exiles. While Conan Exiles gruel can help you decrease your hunger; Conan Exiles hardened brick can help you improve the defense structures; thick leather will help you upgrade and craft high-end weapons and armor. We always know that killing animals will give us leather. However, in Conan Exiles, you will realize that not all of your killed animals will give you a thick leather. There are only some animals with thick skin that can provide you the material to create thick leather. So, how to get Conan Exiles thick leather from animal?

  • Get thick leather

In fact, you only can get the thick leather by pachyderms, not by the further processing of normal leather. This mean, you only can get the Conan Exiles thick leather by hunting some special animals that own thick leather. These animals include Bear Pelt, Thick Hide, Rhino Hide, Elephant Hide, Red Dragon Head, Green Dragon Head, Mammoth Head. In addition, killing Elk King Head, Black Rhino Head, Rhino King Head, Grey Rhino Head, and White Rhino Head also offer the thick leather.

Get thick leather

A special point is that killing a dragon will give you a leather with five times stronger. However, the battle against a dragon is always not easy. So, you need to think carefully before making a decision. In addition, every animal in the list above is so dangerous. In which, elephants and rhinos are easier a bit, so we strongly recommend you to hunt these animals first.

  • Turn unprocessed thick leather into useful thick leather

After hunting these animals to get thick leathers, they still aren’t leathers that you can use to create high-end armor. You need to craft further processing the thick skins to turn them into the thick leathers. In detail, you need to come to the Tannery, put the leather in the Tannery slot, and bark. For each unprocessed thick leather, you will get 1 thick leather in return. With this Conan Exiles thick leather, now you can use it to craft armor and weapons such as axes, spears, and numbing wraps.

4. Conan Exiles console commands

The final thing we want to mention in this article is Conan Exiles console commands. Like many other PC games, Conan Exiles allows players to use console commands however, they called with Admin Commands. The reason is that only people who are sever admins can use these commands. In order to use Conan Exiles console commands, let’s follow this guide.

To make someone become admin of a server, the server owner needs to hit the Esc button, select Settings, and then click on the Server Settings tab. After that, click the “Make Me an Admin” button and enter the admin password. Now, you are able to enter commands by hitting the tilde button (~) on your keyboard to open up the console commands box. After that, type “ENABLECHEATS” into the box and hit enter to be able to use Conan Exiles console commands.

List of Conan Exiles console commands

  • Cloak: This command will make NPCs can’t see you and don´t attack you, even when you attack them
  • DamageTarget: This command helps you to value Damages the NPC or object in your crosshair.
  • DestroyTarget: This command helps you to destroy the target in your crosshair. This command can destroy parts of the map when aimed at the world, so, be careful when using it. In addition, when it occurs, let’s restart to recover the missing parts of the map.
  • Fly: Flymode
  • Ghost: This command lets you be invisible to other players. There is no collision mode, Noclip and you can pass through objects.
  • God: This command gives you god mode – immortal, no damage, except the cursed wall.
  • Invisibility: This command makes your character invisible
  • MakeMeAdmin: Enter the <password> and this command will give you admin privileges
  • MakeMeNormal: Remove admin privileges
  • NoSprintCost: Unlimited Sprint mod – no stamina drain while sprinting
  • PrintPlayerInfo: This command gives you the specific players Steam name + in-game character name.
  • Spawnitem: Enter <ItemID> <Quantity> and this command will give you an item in the wanted Quantity.
  • SummonPlayer: When enter <name> on this command, it will help you to teleport the player to your location
  • TeleportPlayer: Type <name> <coordinates> and it helps you to teleport the player to these coordinates.
  • Teleport: <coordinates> Teleport to these coordinates
  • ToggleDebugHUD: This command displays the current server performance, a list of all players as well as the current coordinates.
  • ViewPlayer: Enter <name> of a player and this command will help you to display this player.
  • ViewSelf: Display yourself
  • Walk: Exit the fly, ghost or godmode

Conclusion: In this article, we have mentioned and explained quite detail about some common topics of players. For example, Conan Exiles gruel, its hardened brick, and thick leather, and Conan Exiles console commands. Hope that this information is useful for you. In addition, if you have any wonder or question for us, please leave a comment below. Surely we will do our best to answer your question. Finally, thank you for reading and have a great day!