Dinosaur Game Multiplayer, a new game with simple but cool gameplay

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Rapperkey has created and published Dinosaur Game Dinosaurgame.io, which is an endless-running and fast-paced video game. The game has just released and taken the spirit of Dinosaur released in 2014 by Google. In addition, the new thing that the game brings to players is offering them the ability to play online, which is satisfied the needs of many users: a Dinosaur game that players can play online and challenge their friends or relatives. It is very easy to play this game, players just need to hit the jump key to help their dinosaur avoid dangerous obstacles along the way. Also, cactuses and ducks are considered as obstacles for our dinosaur. At the beginning of the game, players only coped with the cactus. However, the game will be harder by bringing the appearance of the ducks. There are two ways for players to avoid the ducks which are jumped or stooped them. Moreover, to score high points, players need to accurately time the jump, while paying attention to the distance between the dinosaur and incoming obstacles. Furthermore, the pressure will be bigger, as players gather a high score but this is the exciting point of the game.

Amazing features

The game allows players to see the shadow of other dinosaurs for the motivation to avoid dying too soon. Moreover, the online leaderboard is a new feature added compare to the previous version. In addition, Play With Friend mode is a highlight in this version, in which players can play with their friends or relatives in private rooms.


I am sure that you are not strange to Dinosaur offline version of Google. Nevertheless, players will be interested in this Dinosaur Game Multiplayer game. Players will be given a comfortable feeling after a long and busy day. In addition, the game has also helped players recover the spirit and health in a positive way. Moreover, with Dinosaur Game Multiplayer, you can enjoy your time with friends or relatives. To be more specific, it will be great when you play this game together with friends and have fun moments during the weekend. The game not only helps you relax but also consolidated your relationship. Furthermore, Dinosaur Game Multiplayer focuses on the classic graphics of the original version, brilliant gameplay, and more. Dinosaur Game Multiplayer is the most exciting game that you should try.