Forza Horizon 4: Four majestic outstanding seasons in a game

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Forza Horizon 3 is definitely an obvious success of Forza Motorsport. At 20th D.I.C.E Awards and The Game Awards 2016 it was considered the best racing game. Plus, it is also nominated for Best British Game at the 13th British Academy Games Awards for good measure. So far, Forza Horizon is among one of most artistic games.

In the Forza Horizon 4, the graphics – which focus on styles, seasons and weather, play an important part in giving us another surprise for what the Playground Games team can do.

1. The heavy breathe of Britain scenes in each location.

Forza Horizon 4’s style spread over from the old streets of Edinburgh –Scotland capital city to the unique English Costwolds countryside. Wide and extremely beautiful, attractive, the sceneries include various perfect locations for you to keep your eyes cannot stop gazing at, for example places such as Northen Scotland and famous Lake District at North West England.

2. All four majestic Great Britain seasons in a game

It is really hard for me to envisage the studio setting it anywhere else after I learned a bit about the Forza Horizon 4’s basis, though I am not the first guess for the next stopover in the series.

The team is building all four majestic Great Britain seasons for the game instead of just putting Britain to the racing world scene inside Forza Horizon 4. So, not only dropping the Horizon festival into Playground’s home turf in a simple way, they also go far beyond.

A series of four screens has been arranged by the Playground crew, all in the same place of the map. However, the season in each one isn’t like the others. Though Forza Horizon 4 is certainly delicate and sensitive, it’s the seasonal dissimilarity of the game that is particularly impressive.

In summer the shining sun beams on small building far away in the area and grass give dull, steady lights with a pleasant green. Players can even feel warm from the atmosphere. In contrary, winter is noticeable much more dim. You can almost feel the coldness when you see the dusted snow and leafless trees stand silently against the grey sky, shined by the lower sun. Falling leaves and leaf carpets are what you can enjoy in the autumn, when the main color see can see are yellows and browns. Just like, you are put in four worlds, only in one same place.

3. Sky and sun in the game

To bring together a vast amount of nature condition reference material is definitely an extremely important and difficult phase in order to make Forza Horizon 4 become as lively as at can be but studio art director Ben Penrose point out that this has in time been done previously.

To make winter noon feeling cold, deserted and desolate and summer noon being obviously reversed, the British sky in the game is extremely significant because it not only takes up half the screen most of the time but also affects the diverse lighting scenarios of the game.

4. Agricultural elements, foliage and weather conditions

In spring, wheat fields will be green and fresh and back to the golden color in summer. These fields all harvested and empty, solitary in autumn and in winter, the whole place will be a fallow land.

Farm animals and wildlife are also added, like sheep, deer, rabbits and chicken. Moreover, the crew gives a huge focus on the foliage. Trees need to change color every season, and of course each tree is different from one another. Depends on the situation of the tree, the soil, the ground moisture, the color of each tree through seasons are unique. Some trees will be green for longer time and the others will sooner cover with brown and yellow, and when the winter comes near, some trees will drop some or all of their leaves. For spring, you can see blossoms from tiny bushes to big century-old trees; Wildflowers such as bluebells and snowdrops in the woods will be blooming.

It is clearly to see that Forza Horizon 4 consist of many British landscape agricultural influences. Crops, livestock, trees, animals stick firmly to their real life in the game.

Opportunities of high winds and precipitation are now available after we add the idea of seasonal overrides. From tracking and observing real life weather, skies the whole year, the weather condition in the game will look more authentic.